Nearly 20,000 ETH deposited to Reserve WISE!

WISE has now received more than $10 Million worth of Ethereum and with 39 more reservation days left, this new DeFi project shows no sign of slowing down.

Yesterday, WISE closed its 10th reservation day with one of the random supply days that turned out to be a good draw for the users that had contributed to it. It was also the 6th consecutive day to close with a total of at least 1,000 ETH. The all-time high was reached on Day #9 with 1,622 ETH. It will be extremely exciting to watch the remaining days and it now seems very unlikely we’ll ever see another day closing below 1,000 ETH with the exception of the most extreme variable days ranging from a single WISE to ten million WISE (technically 9,999,999 WISE).

In the worst-case scenario imaginable where all investors sell their wise upon the token launch, even the very last person to sell will still get back at least 25% of their initial investment. This will be achieved thanks to the creation of a massive ownerless liquidity pool on Uniswap. This is a key differentiator for WISE compared to the rest of the DeFi space where many projets are prone to rug pulls. At the current contribution pace, WISE is projected to be the first crypto to ever launch directly in the top 10 liquidity pools on Uniswap.

I Hope you’re excited about the amazing value that’s created when you create ownerless liquidity, no one else is doing this! You won’t find another crypto like this, they’re too greedy and they want to take that money for themselves but WISE is doing that because we know this is the way to onboard the world to Crypto — Peter Girr

Although WISE Smart contracts have already been audited by CoinFabrik, the Wise Foundation is offering a bounty of 100 ETH to anyone who can find a critical error in their WISE staking smart contract before December 31st, 2020. The man behind the Code, Vitally Marinchenko an expert in Solidity, the language used to create the smart contracts is the Lead Software Engineer for WISE. If an error was found, Vitally would be able to copy the code, fix the error, and deploy it again. It’s important to note that the team would only have one shot at fixing the error and if they fail, the code also includes an emergency refund function for investors to get their money back.

We found that although the project shows a certain complexity, the code is well written and security has been taken into account. The documentation provided was also very helpful and relates correctly to what is implemented in the contracts. No security issues were found and the only non-security issue was quickly fixed by the team — CoinFabrik

The pre-sale is open until December 30th. Get a 10% bonus and reserve your Wise tokens NOW by going to

Reservations can be made with ETH. The WISE Liquidity Transformer is also able to accept any ERC-20 token that’s traded on Uniswap V2.

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